Win Make Give

Building an amazing life starts with you becoming the "BEST YOU" possible.


Fall 2020

This event will take you through the models and systems that are proven to develop your skills in leadership, business, wealth, and legacy. This is not a real estate industry-specific event. Most people think wealth is built through real estate investing alone, which isn’t the whole picture.

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This requires what Ben Kinney calls mastery in “self-leadership”.  Self-leadership is about becoming the person your dreams require.   This is a collection of models and systems aimed at changing the way you think, feel, and communicate.

After you have mastered leading yourself can you try to lead others.   Leading others through fear and title only is a shortcut to failure.   Succeeding through others requires a commitment to studying leadership and putting into practice leadership lessons.  Leading and attracting the right people into your life is the secret to success in your career and in business.

Warren Buffet on highly successful people:  “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”


When you succeed at leading, wealth finds its way into your life.  The richest people in the world gained their wealth through buying and building businesses and through loaning money and understanding interest.   Most people would think it was through real estate investing which would be incorrect.

At Win Make Give, we will spend a large amount of time studying successful businesses, understanding the steps to build your own, how to buy businesses, and when to sell.   These businesses will be the funding arm of your future wealth.

How much wealth you create is up to you and will be determined by your knowledge of wealth and what wealth models you implement into your life.  We will discuss, in depth, how to master money management, financial instrument investing, creating a real estate portfolio, and legally minimizing your tax liabilities through smart saving, investing and business structuring.


With great wealth comes great responsibility and great opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through your leadership and your generosity.  Learn from successful non-profits and other organizations a simple strategy for making an impact while helping your community, employees, and your business.