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Next event: Master Time & Money and Master Energy & Focus – February 15-16, 2018 in New Orleans, LA.

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Master Class

Ben Kinney Training Master Class is an elite, intimate, year-long business and wealth journey with unfettered access to Ben and his business partners. Now accepting applications for 2019.

Win Make Give

This event will take you through the models and systems that are proven to develop your skills in leadership, business, wealth, and legacy.

Master Time & Money

Take a deep dive with two of Keller Williams’ most successful entrepreneurs — Ben Kinney and Chris Suarez — who will share proven models and system that will help you leverage your time and master your money.


Sales people, telemarketers, recruiters, managers, leaders, and business owners who are seeking confidence, energy and a new direction for their career or business. This is a hands-on and interactive experience that will push your limits, make you uncomfortable, and force you to grow over two days.

Zero To A Thousand

An event crafted for agents at all production levels that would like to learn to move from having a job to owning a business. Learn how to generate the leads, listings, and leverage that an agent would need to build a profitable real estate team or business.

From Our Clients

“After the first time I saw ben teach, I knew that he would be somebody that I would want to follow.
That his systems and models were the ones that were for me."

Barbara McNeill

“Bens trainings have helped me to be a better leader and have helped me to grow other people."

Christin Kingsbury

“The content that Ben puts out always moves my business forward."

Carin Nguyen

About Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney is a nationally-known entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer, best selling author, innovator and mega real estate agent, but prefers the title of “nice guy.” From humble beginnings in a 300-square-foot shack in the Pacific Northwest to a flourishing business empire, Ben’s story proves that systems, integrity, relationships and being a lifelong student can wield incredible results. Ben owns and operates the Ben Kinney Training Organization and 7 software companies, in addition to multiple Real Estate Realty Franchises across 3 countries and 19 real estate expansion businesses all across North America. Three of his companies were recently ranked in the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies in America, and in the last few years he has personally trained over 100,000 business owners via conferences, classes, and webinars.