Master Time & Money + Master Energy & Focus

Building on the success of their sold-out event in Austin, Ben Kinney and Chris Suarez are presenting the Mastery series in New Orleans in 2019! Next event: February 15-16, 2019


Imagine a world where your business is experiencing explosive growth, the doors to new opportunities are opening, and you have more time than ever to spend with the people you love doing the things you enjoy. As you create more space in your life, you will have more time to say yes to the right business opportunities.

Learn models and systems that will help you leverage your time, master your money, and increase your energy and focus

Every entrepreneur is on a quest for MORE TIME, MORE MONEY, MORE ENERGY, and MORE FOCUS. If everyone is committed to achieving these goals, why are they so elusive?

In addition to sharing their proven strategies for mastering time and money, Ben and Chris are excited to unveil a NEW class centered on ENERGY and FOCUS. Join two of Keller Williams’ most successful entrepreneurs as they share their insights into building big businesses and enjoying big lives.

Learn MASSIVE wealth-building opportunities and how to maintain focus to build explosive businesses with Ben Kinney, founder/owner of the Ben Kinney Companies. The Ben Kinney Companies include a collection of software and training companies, 10+ real estate brokerages, and 20+ real estate sales teams.

Chris Suarez, founder and CEO of Xperience Real Estate — and one of Inman’s 2018 Innovator of the Year award finalists — will coach attendees through the art of mastering time and maintaining a high level of energy to live an “experiential life.”