Accepting Applications for 2020

The Ben Kinney Training Master Class is a life-changing experience where Ben Kinney opens himself up to share business building, coaching, and training secrets with people outside his organization like never before. Ben works closely with this group of participants to deconstruct and rebuild their businesses from the ground up while helping them get clarity on their life goals and priorities.

Master Class includes four separate two-day events over a 12 month period limited to 25 participants. The bulk of the class happens in the four sessions, but Ben assigns homework to help achieve goals, and attendees also are invited to an exclusive accountability and mastermind group online year round. Members also get free front row reserved seats at all the year’s Ben Kinney Training Events at the Master Class VIP table.

The proceeds from Master Class go to charities that are dear to Ben’s heart, like building a home for single fathers going through difficult situations.


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“Ben’s heart for others and his knowledge are beyond impressive. I have spent time with many AMAZING mentors, and Ben is the best of the best! I’ve paid much more for coaching in the past, and my requirement is that it makes me 10x my investment. We just made $250k off two properties that we would not have been able to purchase without Ben’s ideas.

Then there are all the intangibles…hundreds of them! Personal and business growth is huge! Our group started out as strangers, became acquaintances, then friends, and now we’re family.”

Patti Siebold

“Master Class has been the best year of my life and the best self investment I have ever made! My growth and the growth of my business have been exponential. The new relationships have been amazing. Having a tribe of high level thinkers and amazing humans to bounce ideas off of and run with has been awesome – they have helped me grow and pushed me to be my best self.

Ben’s friendship and leadership are priceless, and the ‘jedi mind tricks’ he pulls to show you your strengths have been life changing!”

Christin Kingsbury


How much does it cost?

As the Ben Kinney Training Master Class is exclusive and an extraordinary experience, the price tag reflects that. Email for more pricing information and payment options.

Who is a good person to participate in this?

The Ben Kinney Training Master Class is for growth-minded, business people and leaders in any industry who want to achieve extreme clarity in their highest priorities so they can take immediate action and see massive results. It’s for those who commit to becoming people who accomplish their goals and living a life of no regrets. If you’re looking for a tribe of high-achieving peers, mentors, and friends, and are ready to schedule time to work on yourself and your business, this is for you.

Do I have to be in a certain brokerage, company or even in real estate to participate in this?

No – Master Class is industry agnostic. While Ben Kinney is known for his background in real estate, his training applies to anybody who has a desire to scale their business and become the most effective version of themself.

How can I sign up?

Apply on this site to receive more information and the sign up form, or email if you are ready to sign up for the 2020 Master Class (limited seats available).