Mentoring Program

Learn to lead with Ben Kinney & Vija Williams

Program Details

What you will be committing to:

  • A FREE one year virtual program
  • Participation in monthly-ish video meetings

  • Participation in our private Facebook group

  • Participation with an accountability partner or group

  • Reading 8-10 books this year

  • A willingness to lead something in your office if you are not currently in leadership

  • Consider attending at least one Ben Kinney event this year, where you will get discounted tickets, special seating, and a private event with leadership program members!


Vija Williams

Vija Williams started a real estate team with one person and grew it to 17 and increased revenue by 700% in 4 years, She now helps lead our 6 Ben Kinney Companies brokerages with over 1,300 agents. She is also a big believer in failing forward constantly along the way.

Meet Our Founder

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney started as an individual real estate agent 10 years ago and now runs an empire of real estate teams doing almost $1 billion per year in volume, owns real estate offices all over the world, a tech company and now a mortgage and events/training company.


Does this cost money?

Nope! It’s FREE. You will be committing to purchasing 8-10 books throughout the year though. And of course your time is valuable. You will be committing to some time, but not too much.

Do I have to qualify to be a part of this?

No! We will be having everybody sign a commitment to be part of 8-10 Zoom calls, participate in Facebook group discussions, and to take what we talk about and practice it in your own company or office.

I am interested but I wasn’t able to attend the launch happy hour at Family Reunion. Can I still do it?

YES! We’ll do a second launch event via Zoom after Keller Williams Family Reunion for those of you who can’t make that. There is a place on the form to say this exact thing: that you are interested in the program but couldn’t attend that event.

Who is a good person to participate in this?

Anybody in business regardless of role, company or brokerage, who wants to purposefully improve your leadership this year. The second candidate is someone who is potentially interested in working with us in some capacity at BKCO. The third is somebody already affiliated with us at BKCO who wants to raise their leadership lid. In short, anybody who wants to raise their leadership lid is a great candidate.

Do I have to be in a certain brokerage, company or even in real estate to participate in this?

Nope! This is great for anybody who has a desire to be a better leader.

How can I sign up?

Can I just comment on a Facebook or Instagram status, or text / email you? Nope - you need to fill out the form!