Prepare to impress.

Get more listings and close more deals with our easy-to-customize Seller’s and Buyer’s Guides.

Professionally Designed

Based on the Ben Kinney Team’s own guides, the visually dynamic layout and persuasive content will convince prospective clients to choose you.


We make it easy! Create your custom Seller’s or Buyer’s Guide in just three simple steps.

Printable & Shareable

Ready to print for presentations, with a bonus digital file for sharing through email and your website.

What’s included?

We’ll provide everything you need to get your own printable and shareable custom guides. Choose the Gold package to add a customized animated video, too! It’s the best option for a totally professional presentation package that will turn leads into clients.

Silver Package (Seller's Guide)

  • Ben Kinney Team-branded content
  • Customized for you
  • Your name, your photos, your stats
  • Switch out icons as needed
  • Digital File for Printing
  • PDF for sharing on your website or email

Gold Package (Seller's Guide)

  • Ben Kinney Team-branded content
  • Customized for you
  • Your name, your photos, your stats
  • Switch out icons as needed
  • Digital File for Printing
  • PDF for sharing on your website or email
  • PLUS! Custom animated video to match the print version

Check Out the Animated Video!

Just Three Easy Steps

The popular Ben Kinney Team Seller’s Guide is now available to teams everywhere. And you can create your own custom version in three easy steps.

Step 1: Order

Choose the Silver or Gold package and complete the order process.

Step 2: Personalize

We’ll send you an email with access to an editable Google Doc, so you can customize the text to fit your needs. Switch out icons, too! Send any photos you’d like included back to us via email or Dropbox.

Step 3: Customize

We’ll retrieve your edited Google Doc from the cloud and take it from there.You’ll receive your customized,  printable and shareable files in 7 – 10 days, followed by your custom animated video (Gold package only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need custom Seller’s and Buyer’s Guides?
It’s the perfect solution for your business! WIth one beautifully designed and professional-looking piece, you can introduce your team, highlight your experience and explain your strategies to prospective clients. The printed guides have a long shelf life and and a high perceived value. Differentiate yourself from the competition and show your clients why they should choose YOU!
Is this a good deal?
Yes! You can’t produce a piece like this on your own for less. We have the expertise and team in place to make it happen.
What am I getting?

Your guide, while based on the Ben Kinney Team’s guides, will be completely rebranded for you. You can put your logo on the cover, choose your own photos for several pages and edit the text and icons according to your team’s specific information.
Silver package buyers will receive a printable file and a sharable PDF. Gold package buyers will also receive an animated video, customized to match the print piece. We’ll supply you with an MPEG4 file that can be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or your website. You can then share through a link or Dropbox, according to your preferences.

Can I buy a printed Seller’s or Buyer’s Guide?
We will supply you with printable files, which you can take to your local printshop for printing to your specifications.
Did Ben Kinney create the original guides?
Ben was instrumental in developing the content for his team’s Seller’s and Buyer’s Guides. These eye-catching guides were designed and produced by his marketing team. Because so many teams requested it, we’ve made them available to you.
What is the video like?
The video is an animated version of the printed guide. It’s about 3½ minutes long and fun to watch! Take a look at this clip to get a better idea of what you’ll get.
How long does it take?
We’ll send you the editable Google doc upon receipt of your order. Once you complete your part, your customized guide files will be delivered in 7 – 10 business days.Videos will follow shortly after.
Do you have other marketing materials available?
Stay tuned! As we develop additional pieces we’ll be launching them here.
Can I talk to someone about this?
Sure! Drop us a line at and we’ll set up a time to talk.