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A Ben Kinney Training podcast about Health, Wealth, Leadership, Business, and Building a Legacy.

Win Make Give

The Win Make Give Podcast with Ben Kinney teaches you how to WIN at life and MAKE more money to be able to GIVE generously of your resources, time and talents. Through in depth discussions and interviews, you’ll discover the secrets to maximizing your Health, Wealth, Leadership and Legacy.

In addition, Win Make Give is a life changing, multi-day event hosted by Ben Kinney and the Ben Kinney Training Organization, featuring dynamic speakers, morning and evening activities, and live music. This immersive experience will walk you through in-depth models on leadership, tangible ways to build wealth, and how to make a big impact with the ways you give. 


What do you want to know? Ask that burning question you have about Health, Wealth, Leadership, and Legacy – or just let us know a topic you would like to hear about. Every week or so we will pull a question/topic and do a full podcast on it.


Join the Win Make Give Facebook Group to go deeper on the subjects of Health, Wealth, Leadership and Legacy. In this group, anyone can share takeaways from past episodes, ask questions for future episodes and come together to share with other growth-minded people.

Recent Episodes

69. Influence & Persuasion Part 5 – Consistency

The Psychology of Consistency - Part 5 of the Influence and Persuasion series jumps into Consistency. Ben Kinney discusses the concept of people being consistent not only with their words but also with...

68. Influence & Persuasion Part 4 – Authority

The Power of Authority - Authority is defined as - “The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience”. Listen as Ben Kinney discusses the concept of authority and how it is used...

67. Influence & Persuasion Part 3 – Scarcity

The Illusion of Scarcity - Listen as Ben Kinney gets into the second tactic of persuasion & influence, Scarcity. Ben dives into the concept of Scarcity using examples from everyday life and how...

66. Influence & Persuasion Part 2 – Reciprocity

The Science of Reciprocity - Ben Kinney discusses the science behind reciprocity, interesting case studies, and dives into how Reciprocity is used to persuade and influence others in sales, marketing,...

Meet The Hosts

Ben Kinney

Ben Kinney

"Win Make Give" Founder

Ben Kinney is a nationally-known entrepreneur, professional speaker, trainer, best selling author, innovator and mega real estate agent, but prefers the title of “nice guy.” Ben owns and operates the Ben Kinney Companies, including a training organization, a mortgage company, a coaching company, a title & escrow business, 10+ software companies, real estate franchises across 3 countries, and 25 real estate expansion businesses in North America. He has personally trained over 150,000 business owners via conferences, classes, and webinars.

Bob Stewart

Bob Stewart


Bob Stewart has been involved in the real estate industry since 2002. He co-founded and was responsible for managing operations for a 150 agent real estate company, one of the first brokerages to take an IDX feed from the NWMLS, and also co-created one of the very first online real estate referral networks. As Brivity’s Director of Agent Experience, Bob is responsible for ensuring that they build products and solutions that make real estate agents more efficient and allow them to close more transactions in less time.

Chad Hyams

Chad Hyams


Chad Hyams is a trailblazer in the field of real estate tech instruction. He has built a science of communicating overwhelming topics in a simple understandable way and educating students on social media and internet marketing strategy. Rising to success in 19 years of real estate, he is a humble student in the field of technology that is helping real estate agents globally discover their inner “geek.” Chad brings a high level of energy to webinars, keynotes and workshops. When he is not training for Spartan, he loves to spend time watching movies with his wife.

Win Make Give Podcast