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93. Creating Powerful Customer Experiences – Interview with Stacy Sherman

In this interview, Chad Hyams talks with Customer Experience Expert Stacy Sherman. Stacy explains the differences between customer service and customer experience and how to use that to differentiate your brand and elevate your leadership skills? Stacy and Chad review her latest article for Forbes where she examines the book The Four Agreements. They also talk about the heart and science of the customer experience, give you techniques to prevent “pain points,” and how you should change your role from salesperson to relationship maker.

Stacy’s article in Forbes:

CX Leadership Lessons To Humanize Your Business –

Connect with Stacy Sherman –

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92. Den Fujita – How McDonald’s Expanded Into Japan

After multiple failed attempts to grow internationally, Ray Kroc teamed up with Japanese businessman Den Fujita. No one could have predicted the massive growth Den Fujita would accomplish with the McDonalds brand. This episode proves that no matter how good your model is, you always need to be teamed up with the right person (or people) to make that model work.

For more info in Den Fujita (and to see his appearance on David Letterman) check out this great article –

A Big Mac Fortune: How Den Fujita Brought Global Brands to Japan –

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91. What a Kroc – The Story of McDonald’s

Ben talks about the challenges and failures of the McDonald brothers as they experimented, changed course, and planned out the perfect fast food restaurant. Ben explores their partnership with businessman Ray Kroc, how Ray helped to grow the business into one of the biggest, most recognizable franchises in the world, and how Ray ultimately took control of the entire operation.

Check out these links to some great info on the story of McDonald’s

The Story of How McDonald’s First Got Its Start –

How McDonald’s Beat Its Early Competition and Became an Icon of Fast Food –

20 Failed McDonald’s Menu Items You Won’t Believe Existed –

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90. Killer Bread – Interview with Dave Dahl

Dave talks about the 15 years he spent in jail, and the lessons learned that allowed him to change his life. They explore the process of improving an existing product where Dave creates a new way to make bread that can now be found in stores all over the country.

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89. Health Matters

What happens when you mix a BodyPump Instructor and a Spartan Coach? You get a health-focused conversation covering workout strategies, eating suggestions, making micro-changes, and more. Join Chad Hyams and Jillene Snell as they take over this episode and discuss the importance of starting your healthy lifestyle today.

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88. The Three Types of Income

When you trade your time for money, you create normal income. In this episode, we talk about moving from normal income to investment income and finally to passive income. This then creates the very definition of wealth, which is to be able to do what you want, when you want, with who you want.

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87. Hope Rises – Interview with Dr. Randy Ross

Dr. Randy Ross joins Bob Stewart and Chad Hyams to talk about culture, value creation, and hope. Dr. Ross helps leaders create environments that inspire their teams to bring their best work every day. During this episode, we look back at some of the books Randy has written, Remarkable, and Relationomics, then dive into his newest book Hope Rises.

Get Randy’s new book here:

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86. Just Do It – A Deep Dive Into Nike’s Success

Join Bob and Chad as they look into what lessons we can learn from taking a closer look at one of the most recognizable companies in the world. This deep dive into NIKE talks about how the business started, their constant drive for innovation, and the power of branding. To top it all off, Chad challenges Bob to name the top ten best selling shoes of 2019.

85. Accountable In All Things

Join Ben Kinney and Chad Hyams as they discuss being accountable. Ben and Chad cover what it means to be accountable in all things, how to find and hire accountable people, and strategies on how to hold others accountable.

84. The Beast of the East – Interview with Courtney Roselle

Courtney Roselle, from NBC’s Titan Games, joins Chad Hyams to talk about body-positive messages and the challenges she faced as she followed her passions. From being told she would never “make it” to becoming The Beast of the East, Courtney has made it her purpose to help women of all ages find their true identity, and love it!

Connect with Courtney @

83. The Trickle Effect

Listen as Ben Kinney dives into the trickle effect and how your communications affect those around you. The way you “trickle” up, down, and laterally will have impacts on your relationships, businesses, and overall success.

82. Evaluating Business Opportunities with Brian Gubernick

Bob Stewart is at it again! Bob takes over the Win Make Give podcast with Brian Gubernick to talk about Opportunities. Bob and Brian review the top 10 questions you should be asking when examining an opportunity. Answering these 10 questions will give you the proper perspective and insight to help you decide on whether to move forward or not.

81. Do The Work – Interview with Nick Shaw

Join Chad Hyams as he interviews the founder and CEO of Renaissance Periodization, Nick Shaw. Nick is a former competitive powerlifter and bodybuilder. He has personally coached numerous world-class athletes, including CrossFit Games Champions, international medalists, Olympians, UFC fighters, professional athletes, and Navy SEALs. Nick started a health-based business and scaled it into a million-dollar empire. Chad and Nick discuss how he grew his business and the health lessons that can change your world today.

Connect with Renaissance Periodization

80. Retaining Top Talent with Brian Gubernick

Bob Stewart has taken over the Win Make Give podcast and we may never get it back!!! Bob brings in Brian Gubernick for a discussion on the importance of keeping your top talent. In a time when people are re-evaluating their lives, it is important to connect with those that help drive your business. Brian discusses three things he sees leaders are not doing that is essential to retaining top talent. Bob & Brian go into detail on how you can re-focus your attention to the top people in your world and make sure they stay with you for the long haul.

79. We All Scream for Ice Cream

Join Chad and Bob as they do a deep dive into the business that is Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. They examine how they started and what they did to build their brand. Chad & Bob also explore their mission statement, how they use it to drive and guide the company forward, and how a customer suggestion leads to one of the most popular flavors ever created. Of course, there is a discussion on what the best ice cream flavor is, and Bob tries to name the top 10 flavors of 2019.

78. The Power of Your Story – Interview with Linda Olson

Chad Hyams interviews Linda Olson as she shares her life-changing story. Linda shares the lessons she learned and how she healed from tragedy. Chad and Linda also discuss the power that is all of our stories and how you can use your story to heal yourself, improve your business, and impact others.

77. All We Need Is Just a Little Patience

Listen as Ben Kinney explores the power of patience. Ben talks about how being patient can afford you the time to make the right decisions at the right time. Having patience allows you to remain calm, even when everyone around you is either panicked or taking too long to make a decision. Patience affords you the ability to assess and act with confidence, no matter the situation.

76. The Secret to Great Leadership

Join Ben Kinney as he reveals the secret to great leadership, being humble. Being humble is one of the most effective and overlooked powers of a great leader. Ben discusses how a humble leader treats everyone with respect by lifting those around you while staying grounded yourself. Being humble can create a positive culture in your business that will help everyone in your world succeed.

75. Earning and Creating Loyalty

In this episode, we discuss the power of loyalty and how to create and earn it in your organization. Ben also revisits his love and results model and discusses how it relates to loyalty. Loyalty is one of the most essential elements in any relationship, business, or partnership. Whether it’s creating loyalty for your brand, finding and keeping loyal customers, or fostering that loyal relationship with your employees or boss.

74. The Power of Focus – Interview with Geoff Woods from The ONE Thing

Chad Hyams & Bob Stewart interview the Vice President of Productive and the host of the One Thing Podcast Geoff Woods. If you have ever wondered how to find, approach, and work with the right mentor, this episode is for you. Geoff talks about surrounding yourself with the right people and how to go about finding them. Learn how to stop spending time doing things and start investing time in doing the right things so you can grow yourself both personally and professionally.

73. Influence & Persuasion Part 9 – The Art of Cold Reading

The final part of the Influence and Persuasion series directs its focus on the art of cold reading. Listen as Ben Kinney dissects cold reading by diving into who uses it and why. Ben also gives the 6 tactics used when cold reading and how you might apply some of the techniques to help you ask better questions and be a better leader.

72. Influence & Persuasion Part 8 – Body Language & Lie Detection

The power of body language can speak louder than any words. Listen as Ben Kinney talks about reading someone’s body language and how that might guide your conversation. Using specific examples, Ben discusses how reading body language can give you better insight into the thoughts and feelings of those around you.

71. Influence & Persuasion Part 7 – Social Proof

In “The Impression of Social Proof,” Ben Kinney talks about how the actions of others can determine your behavior. With real life examples and scientific studies, Ben examines the power of social proof as it relates to how it can influence and/or persuade the actions of those around you.

70. Influence & Persuasion Part 6 – Liking

The Power of Liking – Join Ben Kinney as he discusses the power of getting someone to like you. Ben reviews the most important factors in why people like each other and the strategies on building rapport. Ben also reveals the 7 best ways to start a conversation. Use these tools to build your business from customer service to leadership and in your personal life for better communication with friends and family.

69. Influence & Persuasion Part 5 – Consistency

The Psychology of Consistency – Part 5 of the Influence and Persuasion series jumps into Consistency. Ben Kinney discusses the concept of people being consistent not only with their words but also with their actions. Ben explores the 7 different consistency tactics, how your questions can trigger a persons consistent nature and the 3 types of commitments people make.

68. Influence & Persuasion Part 4 – Authority

The Power of Authority – Authority is defined as – “The power or right to give orders, make decisions, and enforce obedience”. Listen as Ben Kinney discusses the concept of authority and how it is used to influence and persuade people. Using scientific studies and real life examples Ben talks about how the power of authority can effect how people behave. From what people wear down to someones job title the power of authority can be an effective form of influence and persuasion.

67. Influence & Persuasion Part 3 – Scarcity

The Illusion of Scarcity – Listen as Ben Kinney gets into the second tactic of persuasion & influence, Scarcity. Ben dives into the concept of Scarcity using examples from everyday life and how powerful the feeling of losing or missing out on something can have on a person. He also explores the 5 tactics used when creating Scarcity so that you can explore them and adapt them to your marketing plan.

66. Influence & Persuasion Part 2 – Reciprocity

The Science of Reciprocity – Ben Kinney discusses the science behind reciprocity, interesting case studies, and dives into how Reciprocity is used to persuade and influence others in sales, marketing, recruiting, and negotiation. Finishing with why and when you might use the power of reciprocity to persuade people in your own world.

65. Influence & Persuasion Part 1 – Exploring the Art

Ben Kinney dives into the differences between persuading someone and influencing someone. Ben talks about the different strategies to persuade or influence the people in your world. You will also hear about the 6 tactics surrounding the science of persuasion.

64. Making Business Fun – Interview with Kevin Carroll

Join Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart as they interview Kevin Carroll. Known around the world as the “Red Rubber Ball Guy” Kevin presents his 7 Simple Rules for Life using lessons garnered from the spirit and dynamics of play, Kevin explores how to enliven and enrich your work life, enhance innovation, and improve team dynamics and interpersonal communication. They even get to dive into Bob’s favorite topic, Nike shoes.

63. Finding Talent – Goal • Value • Plan

Always Be Looking For Talent – Talent is hiding everywhere, you just have to be able to identify talent and be ready to act. Listen as Ben Kinney talks about finding talent, building relationships and creating the opportunities to find and hire the best talent for your business.

61. 5 Must Read Leadership Books

Listen as Ben Kinney gives his top 5 book recommendations on Leadership. From some of the biggest authors to some you might have never heard of before there is something for everyone on this leadership book list.

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Heere are links to the top 5 Leadership books (plus one bonus book)

60. #WINNING – Studying Winners Like John Wooden & Wilma Rudolph

Join Ben Kinney as he dives into the history books to examine 2 of the greatest winners in history. The first woman to win 3 gold medals in a single Olympics, Wilma Rudolph and one of the greatest coaches of all time, John Wooden. Dive deep into their outlook, perspective, and thoughts on winning. Lastly learn from Ben on how to apply these lessons to win in your life every day.

57. Changing Course – Interview with Chad Hymas

Listen as our very own Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart interview motivational speaker Chad Hymas. In 2001, at the age of 27, Chad’s life changed in an instant when a 2,000-pound bale of hay shattered his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic. But Chad’s dreams were not paralyzed that day—he became an example of what is possible. Chad talks about the life lessons he learned from his father, overcoming the unknown and becoming the best person you can possibly be.

56. Reframe Your Thoughts

Listen as Ben talks about how we become a product of our thinking and how our thoughts shape the world around you. Your internal thoughts create your present reality.

Ben, Bob and Chad go into the strategies to take charge of your thinking so that you can reframe them into a positive.

55. You will never take my FREEDOM!

Celebrate Independence Day with Ben, Bob, and Chad. In this episode we discuss some of the history of Freedom, including the Declaration of Independence, the four freedoms speech (from President Franklin D Roosevelt) and the thieves of your own personal freedom. Ben also talks about strategies you can use to help you earn your personal and financial freedom.

54. Is Your Brain a Muscle?

Join Ben Kinney as he dives into three scientific studies on the brain. London’s Cab Drivers, Jugglers, and even your pets will shed some light into how your brain works and what you can do to grow it like a muscle.

53. Fighting Through Challenges with Heavyweight Boxer Ed Latimore

Join Chad Hyams as he gets the chance to interview Ed Latimore about the challenges and growth he faced inside and outside of the boxing ring. Ed is a best-selling author, former professional heavyweight boxer, and competitive chess player. His writing focuses on self-improvement and a practical approach to stoic philosophy.

52. Unhappy Endings

Listen as Ben Kinney, Chad Hyams and Bob Stewart talk business and personal relationships and why those relationships might need to end. Ben discusses how to make that decision, and gives some strategies around the best ways to do it for all parties involved.

51. Relationships Matter

Join Ben Kinney as he talks about how to stay in relationships with the most important people in your life or business. Including how to create habits in your life to make stronger bonds in the relationships you already have.

50. Are You Distracted?

Join Ben Kinney as he dives into a discussion with Bob and Chad on the effects distractions can have on your success and how to avoid them.

Specifically we look at the affects of unfounded fears, negative thoughts, unimportant tasks, and other people’s priorities. If any of these have affected you in the past this episode is for you.

49. Ten Must Read Books on Money, Investing, Real Estate, and Wealth

Ben, Bob, and Chad discuss the key lessons from ten of their favorite financial books. If you are looking to become a student of wealth you will love this episode. In normal fashion, they might throw in a few extra recommendations.

Here are links to the books talked about in this episode:

Rich Dad Poor Dad:

Cash Flow Quadrant:

Simple Path to Wealth:

The Power of Zero:

Profit First:

Trammell Crow Master Builder:

Tax-Free Wealth:

Millionaire Real Estate Investor:


Long Distance Real Estate Investing:

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48. Be Your Best – Interview with Olympic Wrestler Andy Hrovat

Bob and Chad interview former Olympic wrestler and wrestling coach Andy Hrovat. He shares the B.A.S.E. training strategy that he uses to teach others to improve in all areas of their lives.

47. Creating Your Own Mission, Vision and Values

Listen as Ben Kinney talks to you about how to create or modify your mission, vision and values statements. Ben walks through his own mission, vision, and values as an example and explains how they came to be. Stay till the end as Ben & Bob compete in a hilarious battle of “Name That Businesses Mission Statement”

46. How to Retire in 5 Years – Interview with Steve Adcock

Listen as Ben Kinney interviews money expert Steve Adcock as they talk about different strategies and mindsets needed to retire early. Steve is a regular “Joe” who decided he wanted to retire early and made a plan to do it by the age of 35. Listen to Steve discuss his and his wife’s journey to financial freedom. You might recognize Steve Adcock as he now writes and teaches others about financing for major news outlets like MarketWatch, Forbes and Business Insider.

45. The Wealth Series, Part Eight – Invest Wisely

Finish out the series by learning the 5 Buckets of Wealth. Flip the triangle, diversify your assets and learn simple models for investing in stocks, real estate, and businesses. Ben Kinney dives deep into each bucket so that you can make the most of all the available wealth building opportunities.

44. The Wealth Series, Part Seven – Pay Less Taxes with Tom Wheelwright

In this episode, Ben Kinney interviews Tom Wheelwright, the nation’s leading tax expert and author of “Tax Free Wealth.” They discuss how to pay less taxes by knowing and understanding the rules of the tax codes.

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